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Star Citizen's new producer is Blizzard veteran Alex Mayberry

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Star Citizen, developer Cloud Imperium Games' spaceflight simulator, has a new producer, Blizzard Entertainment veteran Alex Mayberry, the developer announced today. 

Mayberry spent a decade at Blizzard, where he worked on World of Warcraft expansions and served as the lead producer on Diablo 3

“After 10 years at Blizzard, I didn’t think that there was anything that could ever get me to leave,” said Mayberry.  “But then Chris [Roberts] invited me to come check out Star Citizen, and after seeing the game and listening to Chris talk about his vision, I knew that I had to be a part of it.  Star Citizen is bold and ambitious, with a unique and innovative approach to game development.  I am extremely excited to be joining the talented people at Cloud Imperium Games, and I strongly believe that together, with Chris Roberts' direction and the support of the player community, we will set a new standard for AAA games.”

Late last month, developers announced that the game surpassed $43 million in funding. For more on the Windows PC game, be sure to read our impressions from PAX East 2014 of Star Citizen's Arena Commander dogfight simulator.