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NYU is leading the discussion on the role of women in eSports this Friday

New York University is hosting a free talk later this week on the growing number of women in eSports, featuring panelists ranging from professional competitors to gaming broadcasters.

"The New Meta" will look at the contributions of female gamers to the professional gaming arena, with discussion from eSports events host Rachel Quirico, Hearthstone streamer Rumay Wang, competitive gamer Samantha Hancock, as well as moderator competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player Lilian Chen.

"Together, they will talk about their careers in eSports and high level competitive gaming, their thoughts on the industry and its growth, the realities of being a woman in gaming, and their plans and high hopes for the future of eSports," reads a blurb from the official NYU website.

Those interested can RSVP here for free, while users outside of New York can catch the event livestreamed via Twitch.