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Blizzard introduces new female night elf design to World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft will receive new character models for its race of female night elves, according to lead character artist Tyson Murphy on

Female night elves will receive a touch up to muscle definition, along with additional refinement to the eyes and eyebrows. Likewise, the character model will receive new details to her hands and fingernails.

"As with all of the updated character models, our goal is to keep everything the original model accomplished intact, while using the additional fidelity to realize characteristics that we weren't able to fully represent with the lower polygon counts and texture resolutions," wrote Murphy.

The new night elf design follows updates to a number of Bizzard's older character models, including the female orc, the human female and the Tauren. Other designs are also being developed, with senior art director Chris Robinson recently detailing an in-progress design for the female Draenai model.

Blizzard unveiled World of Warcraft's next expansion, which will include new animations, models and a land called Draenor, at BlizzCon 2013. Warlords of Draenor is set to launch this fall, and digital pre-orders went on sale earlier this year.

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