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Ninja Theory is coming to GDC Europe to reveal the games it never released

This year's GDC Europe will include a keynote talk from Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades, featuring insight on the games that never came to light during the last 14 years of the studio's life.

"The AAA Indie Proposition" will detail the sacrifices and concessions made by the studio to stay afloat, as well as footage of unreleased games and the reasons why they never went to market. This includes the unrealized sequel to Kung Fu Chaos, footage of an unannounced next-gen game and various pitches that were put on ice.

"With the next generation consoles arriving at the top end, just as mobile and indie games have taken hold at the bottom, perhaps there is room for a third way, to turn the 'squeezed middle,' where many a good studio has disappeared, into an opportunity to redefine gaming: the AAA indie game," reads a blurb for the upcoming talk.

This year's game development conference will also include a presentation from Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrix Wester, "Clash of Clones: The Importance of Standing out." The keynote will look at the business advantages of originality, the methods of finding and expression your vision and the role of community in helping a studio become successful.

GDC Europe takes place this year in Cologne, Germany, from Aug. 8-13.

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