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Mario Kart 8 - Overview video

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Mario "Kart" has quickly become an inaccurate way of describing this franchise.

Sure, in Mario Kart 8 you are afforded the option of driving a kart, but there's no guarantee that, every few seconds, it won't change into a hovercraft, or a personal watercraft, or a hang glider. Of course, you also don't have to ride a kart to begin with; you could equip yourself with a sports car, or a motorbike. If you obtain the right power-up, you can transform into a massive Bullet Bill. We suppose we understand the need for concision, because "Mario Kart 8" looks a lot better on a box than "Mario Kart/Bike/Hovercraft/Watercraft/Hang Glider/Bullet Bill."

In this Overview, Phil Kollar and I take Mario Kart 8 out for a spin, showcasing some of the new tracks, the reinvented Battle Mode and its replay-sharing online functionality. We also consider getting back on the Wii Fit train, because man, my Mii has really let himself go.