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Murasaki Baby's backgrounds protect Baby against wind and water

Ovosonico shared more details about its PlayStation Vita title Murasaki Baby today on the PlayStation Blog, discussing new ways the titular Baby can maneuver through and survive the game's harsh environments.

In Murasaki Baby, players will guide Baby through a nightmare world packed with even more nightmarish creatures. Baby is looking for her Mommy, using her power to manipulate "background moods" to find her way. Players will be able to switch between each mood by swiping on the Vita's back touch screen, after which a new image will show up in the background on screen.

The post details new powers players will find in Chapter 3. The “Heart of Stone" background washes the world in black and white and will turn Baby's floating balloon into a heavy stone. This will come in handy when the environment becomes windy and turbulent, giving Baby something heavy to hold on to. A new blue background, "Frozen Hall," will freeze bodies of water and other liquid objects — but using it for too long with shatter Baby's balloon.

The “Eye of Scrutiny" background summons a giant eye that will make Baby tiny, allowing the balloon to carry her into the air, and a neutral red background that will keep Baby calm.

Side-scroller Murasaki Baby was announced during Gamescom last summer for Vita. The title is in development with Massimo Guarini, who worked on Killer 7, No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned, and is slated to launch this year.

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