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Report: Flappy Bird returning in August with multiplayer

The creator of Flappy Bird is bringing back the screen-tapping sensation this August with a multiplayer component, reports CNBC.

Flappy Bird was originally released last May but didn't become a smash hit until this past January. Its creator, Vietnam-based indie developer Dong Nguyen, took the game down from the App Store and Google Play in February because he believed it to be too addictive and because of all the online abuse he had received about the game.

In March, Nguyen said that he was planning to re-release the game with some improvements, but "not soon." At the time, one report indicated that an average of 60 Flappy Bird clones hit the App Store every day.

"Flappy Bird's Dong Nguyen: Flappy Bird is coming back. Multiplayer. August," said CNBC's Kelly Evans on Twitter today. According to CNBC's Donna Burton, Nguyen is also working on other games, and his next one will feature a character jumping between buildings. Since Flappy Bird went offline, Nguyen's company, .Gears Studio, released a game called Smashing Kitty on iOS. There are three other games in .Gears Studio's portfolio: Droplet ShuffleShuriken Block and Ninjas Assault.

We've reached out to Nguyen for comment, and will update this article with any information we receive.

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