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Zombies Monsters Robots closed beta starts May 27

Zombies Monsters Robots, an upcoming third-person shooter and spiritual successor to Yingpei Games' release Mercenary Ops, is entering into closed beta on May 27.

Those interested in joining the closed beta can sign up for a chance to receive access at the game's official website. Those who sign up will also be entered for a chance to win a First Blood Pack, offering an exclusive set of in-game founder's items.

The game's premise revolves around interdimensional portals opening up across the world, unleashing the titular menaces on humanity. People must band together to take these enemies down in a handful of different game modes, such as a wave-based survival mode and hour-long campaigns for completion by two or more players.

In Zombies Monsters Robots, up to eight players can take on any mode together, picking through an arsenal of guns and environmental traps as well as turrets and mechs that can take out multiple enemies at once. All modes end in a boss battle against a high-level creature, each requiring its own strategy to defeat.

Zombies Monsters Robots is slated to launch later this summer on Windows PC. Post-launch DLC is already being planned, including a Dino Island map which is overrun with dinosaurs with guns strapped to their backs.

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