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The next game from Flappy Bird creator features 'some guy jumping' across buildings

The creator behind the smash mobile hit Flappy Bird is developing a new game, developer Dong Nguyen told CNBC today.

Nguyen, who made news in February after pulling Flappy Bird from stores in response to what he described as the game's addictive nature, is in the process of making a new title that he says will feature "some guy jumping from building to building."

This news follows confirmation that Nguyen will also be bringing Flappy Bird back, with an additional multiplayer mode. "I will make it so a lot of people can play at the same time," he said to CNBC's Kelly Evans, "because playing alone is boring."

Nguyen also described his discomfort over creating a game that found such international popularity, stating people should set a time for other activities in order to be "more productive."

Since the release of Flappy Bird, the mobile title has been downloaded more than 50 million times, pulling in an average of $50,000 in ad revenue a day. Flappy Bird features minimalistic controls and requires players to shoot a bird through a maze of pipes.

Flappy Bird's surprise success drew allegations that Nguyen employed bots to boost the game's ranking in Apple's App Store. When asked about those allegations, Nguyen told a Newsweek reporter on Twitter, "It doesn't matter. Don't you think? If I did fake it, should Apple let it live for months?"

The Vietnam-based Nguyen also revealed his discomfort over the addictive quality of the game, calling it a "problem."

"My life has not been as comfortable as I was before. I couldn't sleep," he said at the time.

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