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The Stanley Parable's narrator joins Dota 2 as an announcer today

The Stanley Parable's omnipresent narrator joined Dota 2 today as an announcer, developer Davey Wreden told Polygon.

The Stanley Parable's announcer pack was announced last November. Announcer packs for Valve's multiplayer online battle arena allow players to hear match commentary from characters from other games, including Bastion's narrator, Dr. Kleiner from Half-Life 2 and GLaDOS from the Portal series.

"The pack inserts the Narrator and his particular brand of sardonic meta-commentary into Dota 2, rendering the game not only understandable but even downright accessible to the common layperson," Wreden wrote.

The announcer pack retails for $10, though you can get it at a 10 percent discount during its first 48 hours of sale. In celebration of today's announcement, the $14.99 Mac and Windows PC versions of The Stanley Parable will also be available for 50 percent off on Steam through the weekend.

For more on The Stanley Parable, be sure to read Polygon's review.

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