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Transistor features an unlockable new game plus option, Recursion mode

Transistor will feature an unlockable mode that allows players to revisit old areas while retaining their level and skills, Supergiant Games creative director Greg Kasavin announced via the PlayStation Blog.

Recursion mode, as it's called, can be unlocked after players complete Transistor's story. According to Kasavin, the mode is similar to the New Game Plus mode in its previous title, Bastion, but "pushes some of those ideas even further."

"[Recursion mode] opens up a lot of new gameplay as you'll be discovering new function combinations all the way through your initial play-through of the game," Kasavin wrote. "You'll also find some new surprises in the content itself the second time around."

Enemy forces players run into will also be different and will change "just about every time you play," he added.

"Our philosophy on replayability comes down to this: Our foremost goal is creating a complete-feeling, well paced game that's respectful of and rewarding of the time you put into it," Kasavin said. "That means we really want for players to experience a sense of satisfaction at getting to the end of the game. If most players get to the end of Transistor and stop there, we'd be very happy, as they will have completed the story. But then again, there's more to it than that."

Transistor launches for Windows PC and PlayStation 4 May 20. The game and its soundtrack are available for pre-order now.

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