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Grand Theft Auto Online's High Life Event kicks off this weekend

Grand Theft Auto Online's High Life event weekend will take place May 16-18, giving participants the opportunity to earn triple RP bonuses, increase their bet limits, double payouts on impromptu races and pick up extra crate drops.

The event is being held in celebration of the recently-released Grand Theft Auto 5 High Life Update, which allows players to "live large in Los Santos with the ability to own two properties at a time, and the addition of five opulent new apartments." The update also allows players to store vehicles across two apartment garages and offers new vehicles and weaponry.

During the event weekend, stakes and payouts for impromptu races will be doubled, the maximum bet limit for all jobs will be raised to $10,000, all golf and tennis RP bonuses will be tripled, and players can expect valuable commodities from event crate drops.

The event will be live-streamed. More details, including how to tune into the streams, can be viewed here.