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World War Machine begins crowdfunding, thanks to the Square Enix Collective

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World War Machine began its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign today in partnership with the Square Enix Collective.

Developer Tuque Games hopes to raise $50,000 in the next 40 days to create the "post-human action RPG." As of this writing, the campaign has earned $1,010 of its goal.

World War Machine was one of three games that launched the Square Enix Collective's pilot program. Announced last October, the Collective curates indie games on its website and lets potential players vote on a game that interest them. Successful entries follow the crowdfunding path in cooperation with Indiegogo.

According to a press release from Square Enix, more than 90 percent of voters on the site indicated they would play the game, which is in development in Unity and planned for a Steam release. Depending on the campaign's success, the developer will "consider any platform that we feel makes sense," according to the World War Machine Indiegogo page.

“Since we first announced Collective last October, we’ve been working steadily towards this moment — the first funding campaign,” said Square Enix Collective project lead Phil Elliott. “We’re really excited to reach this point, and humbled by the support shown from developers and gamers all over the world with what is a new concept. World War Machine certainly captured the attention of the community, and we were delighted to see people indicate support for the project — now they’ve got the chance to follow-up on that and help make something awesome.”

You can watch prototype footage of World War Machine in the video above.

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