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Battlefield 4 video offers glimpses of upcoming expansions

A Battlefield 4 video released this week on the series' official YouTube channel shows two upcoming expansions in action.

The video above includes footage of the Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand expansions, both of which are due out this summer, according to the official Battlefield 4 website. Press play above to see Dragon's Teeth's two-handed ballistic shield and urban warfare as well as battles in the sky from Final Stand.

Battlefield 4 was released last year for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. Its $50 Premium subscription includes all five expansions, including the three released thus far.

Fore more on how a shield became a marquee feature in Dragon's Teeth, be sure to read our coverage of a GDC 2014 talk given by an animator at developer EA DICE. You can also follow along with our coverage of Battlefield 4's post-launch problems and EA DICE's ongoing efforts to fix them in Polygon's StoryStream. Check out our review, which includes updates that account for the game's post-launch problems.

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