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This is what it's like jumping to hyperspace in Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments released the Alpha 4 version of its spaceflight simulator, and hyperspace jumps arrived with it.

Elite: Dangerous Alpha 4 lets players explore five star systems with two new options for travel. Super-cruise lets pilots navigate quickly within systems, while hyperspace jumps let them travel between systems.

"The five Alpha 4 star systems are themselves set within 400,000,000 star systems of the Milky Way galaxy, all of which are moving correctly; spinning and orbiting in an incredible ballet," a description on the game's official site reads. "Whilst exploration is currently limited to the five Alpha 4 systems, the ‘night sky’ is accurate wherever you travel."

Press play above to see Elite: Dangerous player and YouTube user Robin Barnard hop between systems in hyperspace, which ain't like dusting crops in Star Wars or Elite: Dangerous.

"You have to enter supercruiise, and all these different targets show up with orbits etc. You need to align with the target, then wow!" Barnard wrote in the YouTube video's description. "Much better than spinning ships!"

Elite: Dangerous successfully ended its Kickstarter campaign in January 2013 with £1,578,316, and its beta is scheduled to begin May 30, 2014. The game also appeared on Polygon's list of 2014's most innovative games, which you can read for more on Elite: Dangerous and many others.

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