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Titanfall PC: CTF and Pilot Hunter now available in private matches and variety only

Titanfall's Windows PC version moved the first-person shooter's multiplayer Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter modes to private matches and variety playlists only, according to a tweet today from developer Respawn Entertainment. 

"We'll tweak lists as we add maps & modes," the tweet says.

Polygon downloaded the latest Titanfall update on Windows PC and verified that multiplayer now lists Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Hardpoint, Variety Pack, Expedition Variety Pack and Expedition Attrition. 

In response to a plea from a Twitter user, Respawn wrote that it is not removing capture the flag from the Xbox 360 version. 

We've reached out to developer Respawn Entertainment for more information on the changes and will update this article for more information as we receive it. 

For more on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC game, be sure to read Polygon's Titanfall review and watch the Overview video below.