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Game Boy Camera images from 2000 seem 10 times as old

The Game Boy Camera's resolution could be measured in kilopixels. But even something so underpowered and low-resolution can deliver art, given enough time and nostalgia.

David Friedman, a New York photographer, recently found a trove of images he snapped with the Game Boy Camera in 2000, a peripheral Nintendo launched for its original handheld in 1998. What looks almost like an 8-bit interpretation of the fountain at Rockefeller Plaza was in fact a snapshot taken live, the same as the snapshots of subway passengers, the New York Public Library, and a selfie — long before that term entered common use.

Friedman's entire gallery is posted at Designboom. Go check it out. Though the images were taken with a modern piece of equipment only 14 years ago, their archaic quality gives them the air of daguerreotypes shot 160 years ago.

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