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Grand Theft Auto creators join list of Britain's wealthiest

The cofounders of Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games have joined the list of the 1,000 wealthiest Britons, as compiled by The Sunday Times.

Brothers Dan and Sam Houser peek in at No. 947 overall with a combined fortune estimated at £90 million ($151 million US). It's well below the wealthiest video game entrepeneur to make the roundup, Mel Morris of King, the maker of Candy Crush Saga. Morris is worth £407 million ($684 million), good for No. 238 on the list.

Rockstar's powerhouse franchise grossed more than $800 million on the first day Grand Theft Auto V was for sale back in September, then surpassed $1 billion in just three days on shelves. The figures come from internal estimates by Take-Two Interactive, which owns Rockstar.

This is the first ranking of the wealthy by the Sunday Times since 2008. Six years ago, one needed £80 million to make the list; that figure rose to £85 million this time around.

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