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Road Rash-inspired vehicle combat game Rage Ride hits Kickstarter

Rage Ride, a vehicle combat game inspired by Electronic Arts' motorcycle-based racing series, Road Rash, is now seeking funding via Kickstarter.

The game is being developed by IronFist Games, a studio founded by Split/Second director Nick Baynes. Rage Ride will feature bike-based racing and is expected to launch first for Windows PC. Armed with baseball bats, chains, flame throwers and more, players will race and battle foes in modes such as death match, last man standing and capture the flag. IronFist hopes to make the title with input from its backers. As a result, the pitch includes no concept art or "final decisions regarding modes."

"We want to make this game with your input from the start through exclusive private backer forums," the Kickstarter reads. "By backing this project, you get to choose the visual style, you get to propose and vote on the ways to play the game and you can decide which features are important.

"We're keen for this open development policy to continue post release, so we'll be keeping the environment file format open and helping players create new content to build a thriving Rage Ride modding community."

According to Baynes, the game's director, only Rage Ride's core mechanics and outline have been mapped out.

The campaign is seeking £125,000 (about $210,225.) Those interested can donate in tiers ranging from £12 to £5,000; rewards include a copy of the game, exclusive skins, early beta access and a personalized helmet.

Funding efforts for Rage Ride end June 5. For more on the game, check out the pitch video above.

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