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Puppeteer, Surge Deluxe hit PS Plus Instant Game Collection May 20

Platformer Puppeteer and match-three puzzler Surge Deluxe will join the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, May 20, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

In Sony Japan Studio's PlayStation 3 title Puppeteer, players control Kutaro, a young boy who is turned into a puppet and has his head stolen by the Moon Bear King. Armed with only a giant pair of scissors and various different heads granting him special abilities — like jumping higher — Kutaro must defeat the king and get his original head back. For more details on the game, check out Polygon's review.

Futurlab's Surge Deluxe hit Playstation Vita in early February. The game tasks players with matching color-coded blocks to clear them out of the way of pipes before the screen gets crowded. The title utilizes the Vita's touchscreen to move blocks and includes a new block that rewards players for thinking quickly with a score boost.

The post also reminds players that shooter Velocity Ultra leaves the Instant Game Collection on May 27.

This month's PS Plus lineup includes Limbo on Vita and Skullgirls Encore on PS3 — both available now —  and will expand to PS4 title Stick it to the Man and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 on PS3 later this month.