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What is Twitch and why would YouTube want to buy it?

Twitch has become a major part of modern gaming with the rise of live streaming. Whether it's watching League of Legends tournaments, a podcast get recorded live or a chatroom play Pokemon you can find it all there.

But as it's grown it's not only gotten the attention of more viewers, but also the attention of people looking to buy it. But reportedly after turning down Microsoft and other potential suitors they've apparently chosen to go with YouTube. Which leaves us wondering, why YouTube?

If this is your first episode, Friends List is a daily web series where we have one-on-one talks about a single question related to video games. The goal is to give Polygon's many team members across the globe and those involved in covering, designing and releasing games, an opportunity to speak with you.

Today on Friends List, Editor-at-Large Chris Plante and News Editor Brian Crecente ask: What is Twitch and why would YouTube want to buy it?

Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime:

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