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Minecraft Realms now available worldwide

Mojang's private server service for Minecraft, Minecraft Realms, is available for Mac and Windows PC worldwide today, Mojang announced in a post on the studio's blog.

For $13 a month, players can host private Minecraft servers for groups of up to 20 players. Minecraft Realms servers, which are run by Mojang, are available around the clock and allow owners to roll back the server's world to earlier points in time for restoration in case something goes wrong.

Realms doesn't require users to set up LAN networks or configure new IP addresses — buying and setting up a server, according to Mojang, is simple. Currently the private server service is only available for the Mac and PC versions of Minecraft, but according to the post, Mojang is "planning on releasing it on other formats in the future."

Minecraft Realms debuted in Sweden last December and launched in North America in late April. Players can purchase a Minecraft Realm through their Mojang account here.

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