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ESA calls 2013 a landmark year with new innovations, heightened awareness of games' influence on society

2013 was defining year for the video game industry and for the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), according to its recently released 2013 annual report.

"It was a landmark year for the video game industry, one marked by exciting new innovations in game technology and opportunities to further heighten awareness of video games' significant influence on our society," the president and CEO of the ESA, Michael Gallagher wrote in his president's report. "Our industry celebrated the much-anticipated release of two new eighth generation video game consoles and continued to see robust demand for our products. Releases of Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 built on the momentum from Nintendo's 2012 release of the Wii U."

Some of the highlights from the report include the association's partnership with the congressional caucus for competitiveness in Entertainment Technology to host panel discussions on the industry's economic contributions, as well as its efforts to support veterans.

The ESA report also highlights numerous achievements in 2013, such as receiving approximately 48,000 attendees at last year's E3. Its collaboration with federal officials to strengthen copyright and intellectual property protections, along with its continued management of content protection programs and worldwide law enforcement trainings are also covered in the report.

The body worked with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), game companies and industry partners to launch a new campaign to educate parents about game ratings and gaming hardware parental controls. The ESA also mobilized the Video game Voters network, a group of voting-age gamers established in 2010 to engage lawmakers and media on industry issues, which surpassed 500,000 members in 2013.

The full report can be viewed on the official ESA website.

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