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Fractured Skyline brings digital card games to a cyberpunk world

London based developer Preliminal Games released its first trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk-infused digital card game Fractured Skyline.

Set in the year 2087, users are tasked with building a cyberpunk empire, while the game itself hinges on strategic card gameplay. Fractured Skyline also features geolocation technology to procedurally generate a living 3D futuristic city over top of the real world for you to take over.

"The dystopian cyberpunk god-game style really got us hooked," reads a post on the studio's official Tumblr. "While there are some good looking cyberpunk PC games in development right now we started imagining a game that has a Syndicate style but is played out over top of the real world to create a game world you live in and care about."

Fractured Skyline, currently in development for mobile platforms, launches later this year.