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Tale of Tales announces new game Sunset

Belgian developer Tale of Tales announced its next game today: Sunset, a first-person exploration game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC set in a fictional tropical republic in 1972.

The story of Sunset — which is currently slated to launch in 2015 —  involves a fictional airline called Anchurian Air, the small Latin American state Anchuria and Angela Burnes, housekeeper in the penthouse of the wealthy Gabriel Ortega.

A string of phrases on the game's official page suggest the game will deal with an "oppressive regime" and a civil war. In additional to a handful of descriptors suggesting a problematic government and political conflict, the post also mentions "two hearts" and "romance," suggesting the game will deal with relationships between characters as well. According to the website, the story is ultimately about "silence and intimacy in an ambiance of revolution against seemingly unsurmountable forces."

Journey and The Banner Saga composer Austin Wintory is writing music for Sunset along with sound designer Kris Force. Gamasutra editor-at-large and veteran games writer Leigh Alexander and designer Ste Curran are advising on the project.

More details on Sunset will be revealed in the coming months. Read about our hands-on time with the studio's previous game, Bientôt l'été, from GDC 2014 here.

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