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Beat 'em up Mother Russia Bleeds coming to PC in 2015

Mother Russia Bleeds, an "unrelenting, ultra-violent" beat 'em up set in an alternate 1980s USSR, will launch for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in 2015, developer Le Cartel recently announced.

Mother Russia Bleeds follows "an imprisoned antihero with a crippling drug addiction," Sergei, as he embarks on a quest for vengeance. The game will support up to four players — Sergei and his cell mates — as they bust their way out of prison and "barrel down a hazy journey of rage and hate-filled, psychotic vengeance."

According to the game's website, its graphical style is an homage to "the golden age of brawlers," but with a modern touch. In a blog post detailing the game's origins, the developer said the team shares a common love for old school brawlers.

"Looking back on the Golden Age of this genre, we all remember how mind-blowingly bad-ass it felt to beat the living crap out of enemies in the believable (yet slightly exaggerated) game worlds," the post reads. "We could almost smell the sweat and blood coming off of our enemies as we pummeled them with our fists, weapons and random picked up items. Games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight were not cartoonish worlds to play in; they were serious business, the real deal, the holy grail of that time period.

"Lately, we haven't quite been able to scratch the same itch. We don't mean to say that recent brawlers haven't been good, but rather, the ones in recent memory don't seem to have the same spirit as the ones that occupied so much of our time during our personal Golden Ages of gaming."

For a look at Mother Russia Bleeds, check out the pre-alpha trailer above.