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How to find the Wolfenstein 3D easter egg in Wolfenstein: The New Order

Curious about the origins of Wolfenstein?

The latest installment of Wolfenstein, The New Order, features a pretty hilarious easter egg. A few hours into the game, you'll arrive at the headquarters of the resistance movement. You're free to explore the entire facility, and there are plenty of interesting secrets to uncover.

The very best secret is on the top floor. There's a mattress on the ground with an interesting-looking poster above it. Focusing on the mattress give you the option to enter a "nightmare." That nightmare? The very first level of Wolfenstein 3D!

Even stranger, you're actually using the 3D weaponry from The New Order, while blasting away at hilarious, 2D sprites. For such a dark game, it's a pretty charming trip down memory lane.

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