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Driveclub will introduce playable female drivers

Driveclub will offer users the choice to play as either a female or male driver, the game's director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed on Twitter.

Rustchynsky wrote that players will "certainly will be able to" play as a female driver in response to a fan's question if a player will be "able to choose a feminine character." Rustchynsky also shared that the screen tearing apparent in videos doesn't happen in the game and that it is "just the video player on the web site."

DriveClub launches for PlayStation 4 Oct. 7, following a delay from its "early 2014 launch." The full game will be available both in retail and as a downloadable title. DriveClub's delay was due "primarily" the game's dynamic menu which acts like a social network. According to the game director, the dynamic menu system underwent changes to make activity feeds accessible at all times.