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Insomniac's $7,500 pledge for Amplitude gets its 20th anniversary song in the game

Insomniac Games has joined Harmonix's crowdfunding campaign for a remake of rhythm game Amplitude, backing the project at the $7,500 level with a donation made yesterday.

In a post on Insomniac's website, CEO Ted Price wrote that the studio wants to see a new Amplitude, as music games are popular among the developers.

"For a long time, Guitar Hero and Rock Band competitions were a weekly, if not daily, occurrence around the office," Price wrote. "But before those games put plastic instruments in your hands, our longtime fellow independent developer friends at Harmonix had created Amplitude and Frequency, two of our favorite music games, and two of the best PlayStation 2 games of all-time."

At the $7,500 backer reward level, Harmonix will remix a song owned by backers and add it to the game. Insomniac will lend Harmonix the song "Crazy Ride," featured in the studio's 20th anniversary commemoration music video.

The Kickstarter campaign for Amplitude launched earlier this month. With three days left to go, the campaign has gathered $468,430 of its $775,000 funding goal.