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Drakengard 3 director discuss finding beauty in a bloody story

Square Enix shared a new developer diary for action role-playing game Drakengard 3 today, featuring series creative director Taro Yoko discussing how to tell a story using violence without its meaning getting lost in blood.

In the video above, Yoko explains the reasoning behind the Drakengard series' most fundamental gameplay element — defeating hordes of oncoming enemies and mercilessly cutting them down. Yoko discusses his approach to combat throughout the series and its spin-off title Nier, leading up to today's launch of Drakengard 3 in North America.

Viewers may be wondering why Yoko is speaking through a hand puppet. During his panel on telling weird stories in video games at GDC 2014, Yoko explained that he doesn't like to publicly show his face very often and wore a mask during his Q&A session to deter photographs.

For more details on Drakengard 3's gameplay and story, check out Polygon's review.

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