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Second Life creator's next challenge: pairing rich interaction with VR

High Fidelity — a virtual reality-based, full body experience — will be built around a core of responsivity, The Verge reports.

High Fidelity is the latest project from (pictured above) Second Life creator Philip Rosedale. Announced in 2013, it uses sensor-equipped hardware to help drive "rich avatar interactions" in a simulated world, according to its website. In theory, the device could mirror movements and facial expressions onto an avatar. Reports from The Verge, however, emphasize that device is still early in production. It currently uses a PrioVR harness for body tracking and the Oculus Rift for visual immersion, though it can't support both at the same time. It also lacks high quality visuals.

Rosedale has high aspirations for the future and points out that the technology will get better over time. 

"The virtual worlds of the future are going to look like Pandora from Avatar," Rosedale said. "And once we can build things in those worlds, I would assert that even people who are passionate about VR, here, have no idea what is coming. We're going to be arguing over the price of real estate in the forests of Pandora."

High Fidelity is expected to launch in some form in about a year. The project is currently open source, meaning developers can create and manager content as they please. Those interested in signing up for the project's eventual alpha can do so through High Fidelity's official website.

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