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Transistor - Overview video

Transistor possesses a density that's typically reserved for collapsing stars.

It's not just in its mechanics; it's in everything. You're dropped into a rich, painterly world with a rich, slowly unraveled fiction and given access to a suite of rich, customizable abilities. It drops an astonishing number of questions on you in the first few seconds — namely who/where/what the hell are you — and answers them one iota at a time. It's bizarrely luxurious, and sumptuous, and any number of other adjectives that you could use to describe a totally baller slice of red velvet cake.

In this Overview, Polygon editor-in-chief Chris Grant and I dive into Transistor's many layers, much like we would a multi-layered red velvet cake. We also spend some time kicking a ball around with a cyber-dog, because really, nothing else in life is so fulfilling.

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