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PES Manager brings soccer team management to Android and iOS today

PES Manager, Konami's casual soccer simulation game, arrived on Android and iOS today.

The game features more than 1,500 players from E.U. leagues. In PES Manager, they appear as badges, which players collect to create their team. Players earn cards with PES Manager's Prize Draw system. For a Normal Prize Draw, players use friendship points, which they can earn by playing against other users or by receiving as an in-game gift. Gather five energy balls by clearing matches, receiving them as an in-game gifts or buying them through in-app purchases, and you'll earn Premium Prize Draw.

Keeping the right group of players on the field, executing special skill moves and earning points help virtual managers improve their squads as they play challenge, skill and league matches.

PES Manager is available for free through Google Play and the iOS App Store. Check out the screenshot gallery below to see Konami's mobile soccer simulator.

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