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The Space Cowboy Game Jam mashes the final frontier with the western May 24

Venus Patrol and Austin-based indie game collective Juegos Rancheros are hosting The Space Cowboy Game Jam in Austin, Texas from May 24 until June 8, the organizers announced today.

The event is inspired by Venus Patrol founder Brandon Boyer's viewing of anime series Cowboy Bebop and "lamenting afterward that I'd never played a game that gave me the same feeling." Boyer established the jam to find developers "that found that lonesome romance of space evocative enough to make a little game about it."

The Space Cowboy Game Jam is open to developers interested in participating for the two week duration. Submissions will be voted by the public across several categories a week later. Those interested can find out more about the event on the official Space Cowboy Game Jam site.

The collective will showcase the best of the games during the Marfa Film Festival from July 2-6. For some insight on game jams, read Polygon's opinion piece on how game jams may be a cure for jaded gamers as well as developers.