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Samurai Warriors 4 is headed West this fall

Samurai Warriors 4, the latest entry in Tecmo Koei's action game series, is headed to Europe and the U.S. this fall for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, according to a tweet from Tecmo Koei Europe

Released earlier this year in Japan, Samurai Warriors 4's October 2013 reveal in Famitsu magazine highlighted the game's 50-plus playable characters, a new story mode, the ability to switch between two characters and more. Producer Hisashi Koinuma teased a wider release on Twitter late last year. 

Tecmo Koei also announced yesterday that Hyrule Warriors, a Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors-inspired game that takes place in The Legend of Zelda universe, will be released Aug. 14 in Japan.

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