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Wolfenstein: The New Order - Overview video

Many games have tried to mix modern and retro ideals, but few have done so as tidily as Wolfenstein: The New Order.

If you want to play it like an old-school run-and-gunner, feel free; it certainly has enough enormous armaments and waves of Nazis for you to do so. If you want to play it a bit stealthier, creeping on commanders and dispatching them with a single, well-placed knife, you could do that, too. You can mix and match your playstyle anywhere in-between, too. The world is your oyster, unless your oyster wants to be a pacifist, because that's really not on the table.

In today's Overview, Ben and I off some Nazis, robots and robo-Nazis as we shoot our way through Wolfenstein: The New Order. We also learn a few lessons that will help us become better future-grandpas, like proper shotgun maintenance.

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