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Flagship trailer teases space pirates and real-time strategy from a first-person perspective

A teaser trailer for Urban Logic Games' upcoming real-time strategy game, Flagship, offers a look at the game's first-person perspective in space.

Flagship takes place in a future where humans have been forced out of their home and into a "backwater" solar system with limited resources. As the commander of a fleet, players will explore space and attempt to build new territories.

"Flagship started out life as a mobile game inspired by the final battle in [Star Trek 2:] Wrath of Kahn, but a combination of factors lead to the game being restarted as a desktop title built for the Oculus Rift," the game's website reads. "The general aesthetic of Flagship is heavily influenced by science fiction old and new, and its core game mechanics are a melting pot of influences ranging from Homeworld to Total Annihilation."

Flagship is being developed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Urban Logic is creating the game "from the ground-up" to be played on the Oculus Rift, though it will also be playable without VR.

Check out the trailer above to see the game in action.

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