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Minimum's first update brings new armor and weapons as dev asks for help with map design

The first update for Minimum is live, bringing new armor, a new weapon and a map that players can help design to Human Head Studios' minimalistic third-person shooter with crafting elements.

Content Update #1 arrived just about a week after the game was released through Steam Early Access. It includes a map called Disaster Zone, with large open areas and long sight lines. The developer admits that the map is "a little rough around the edges," so it's inviting players to contact publisher Atari and Human Head to shape its final design.

The update also introduced a new short range Flame Turret. A space-themed armor set called Major Tom that gives wearers higher jumps and an armor set called Tactical, which buffs sniper rifles and shotguns, are also available.

Originally in development at TimeGate Studios, Atari announced Minimum's new developer in mid-April. Minimum is available now for $19.99 on Steam. Check out the trailer above for an introduction to the geometric Windows PC game.

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