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RetroN 5 retro console ships this week (update: launches June 6)

Hyperkin began rolling out the RetroN 5 earlier this week and will officially launch the console designed to play NES, SNES, Game BoyAdvance, Sega Genesis and Famicom cartridges June 6.

The system was initially expected to launch Oct. 31 but was pushed back until Dec. 10 in September due to "key modifications" to the console. It was pushed back again in November to "within the first quarter of 2014" due to faulty pins discovered in some packaged units. The delay was necessary to "resolve the issue and provide maximum user experience."

First unveiled at the Midwest Gaming Classic trade show in March, the console features five cartridge slots for each system and supports both NTSC and PAL. The hardware also includes HDMI out at 720p, AV ports, SD card slot and two controller ports for each system type. It will ship with two Bluetooth controllers that sport two bumpers, two macro keys and six buttons.

Update: This article has been updated with information provided by a Hyperkin representative.

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