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How Sev Zero's split-screen multiplayer became two-screen multiplayer

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When Amazon Game Studios learned in March 2013 that Amazon was creating a set-top box that could play video games, a group of four developers began developing a flagship game for the device.

According to a report from The Seattle Times, an early version of what would become Sev Zero included split-screen multiplayer, a common technique that divides a screen into two sections, one for each local player. A few months into development, that feature evolved to take multiplayer in a different direction. Amazon Game Studios released two games alongside the Fire TV earlier this year: the controller-controlled Sev Zero and Sev Zero: Air Support, its companion app that lets others play simultaneously with Kindle Fire tablets.

According to Amazon's statistics, those who enter the shooter's battlegrounds with controllers and tablets spend 67 percent more time with the game than those who play alone.

Amazon unveiled the Android-powered Fire TV at an event in early April 2014. The $99 set-top box supports video games and video streaming services. Sev Zero is available for $6.99 on the Amazon App Store. Sev Zero: Air Support is a free download. Press play below to see the launch trailer.

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