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Apple removes marijuana-dealing game from the App Store

Apple has pulled developer Manitoba Games' app about growing and dealing weed in "the vicious and lawless career of Mr. Ted Growing" called Weed Firm from the Apple App Store, according to the developer.

Players are placed in the role of an expelled botany sophomore named Ted Growing who takes on a growing operation. With the aim to become the biggest weed provider in town, users grow weed, plant new varieties and complete tasks to open new shelves in the store. Players also interact with characters such as customers, thugs and cops.The developer believes the game's popularity attracted Apple's attention to it.

"As you might have noticed the game is no longer available on the Apple App Store," the post reads. "This was entirely Apple's decision, not ours. We guess the problem was that the game was just too good and got to number one in All Categories, since there are certainly a great number of weed based apps still available, as well as games promoting other so-called 'illegal activities' such as shooting people, crashing cars and throwing birds at buildings."

The developer aims to re-launch a censored Apple version to comply with the corporation's " strictest requirement since they are going to be looking very attentively at what we submit from now on. " There are numerous iPhone and iPad marijuana related apps currently available on the App Store, such as trivia, weed growing games, handbooks, joint rolling and more.

Weed Firm was also pulled from the Play Store. While Google didn't have an issues with the app, the game was removed from the market due an issue with the developer's publisher. The app will return to to the Play Store once it finds a new publisher.

Versions of Weed Firm released on other platforms will be as censorship free as possible. The game will be assigned with the highest maturity rating as the developer doesn't want kids to have access to the app but believe that adults should have the freedom to do what want "as long as they are not hurting anybody in the process."

"If we let hypocrites determine what content is suitable for us we will soon all be watching teletubbies instead of Breaking Bad and playing... oh I don't know... nothing good comes to mind, without some form of 'illegal activity' or other really."

We have reached out to Apple for comment.

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