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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 hits PC and PS3 on May 27, Xbox 360 on May 28, iOS May 29

The fourth episode in Telltale Games' interactive drama The Wolf Among Us, "In Sheep's Clothing," will be available starting next Tuesday, the developer announced today.

"In Sheep's Clothing" will launch on May 27 for Mac, Windows PC and PlayStation 3 and on May 28 for Xbox 360. The iOS version will be available on May 29. Check out the trailer above for a first glimpse of the danger Bigby and friends are in, which appears to include some ancient Old World magic and a sinister new Fable or two — but be warned, the trailer contains spoilers for episodes one through three.

All five episodes of The Wolf Among Us are available as a season pass through Steam and other digital platforms for $24.99. Episodes are available individually through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store for $4.99 or as part of the Wolf Among Us season pass. Players on iOS can get episodes 2-5 as part of a multipack for $14.99 or individually for $4.99.

For more details on the first three episodes, check out our reviews for "Faith," "Smoke and Mirrors" and "A Crooked Mile."

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