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DriveClub's microtransactions will be a 'non-issue' for players

DriveClub's microtransactions will be a nearly invisible, "non-issue" for players once they get their hands on the game, director Paul Rustchynsky recently told Eurogamer.

DriveClub's microtransactions allow players to bypass the level progression needed to unlock new cars by paying for each one. According to Rustchynsky, however, microtransactions are an unobtrusive aspect that the team "actually kind of [hides] a little bit."

"The important thing about micro-transactions is, if they ever influence the game design or the progression then yes, there can be a negative influence," Rustchynsky said. "But that's absolutely not what we've done with DriveClub. Progression is quick. You unlock cars rapidly. If you're part of a club you get access to those things super quick."

The game director wouldn't comment on the price of each car, but added that Evolution Studios' intention was not to nickle-and-dime players.

"We don't want [players] to use [microtransactions] really," Rustchynsky said. "We want them to play the tour and naturally progress through the cars. We've got everything from hot hatches to hyper cars, and we don't really want people jumping into hyper cars immediately because they might not be tooled up. They might not have the skills they need. By all means, you can do that, but we'd prefer players to play with the cars we intended to be first."

DriveClub launches for PlayStation 4 on Oct. 7, following a delay last fall. For more on the game and how it seeks to perfect social racing, check out our hands-on impressions and interview with Rustchynsky.

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