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The story so far: A video history of Wolfenstein from 1981 to 2014

We've put together a Wolfenstein retrospective. If you haven't played Wolfenstein: The New Order yet, no worries, we didn't include any spoilers from the most recent game.

Why? The story is, theoretically, connected between the numerous games, and we thought it'd help having a short explanation. Also, as you may have guessed from the surplus of video content, we're experimenting this week. So, enjoy this video, then watch some of our other projects.

See the game's take on the Nazis' grim actions (warning: potential spoilers).

Learn everything you need to know about the franchise in two minutes.

Find the retro Easter egg.

Or just watch a ton of gameplay.

When you're finished, let us know what you think in the comments! (Watch on YouTube.)

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