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Nordic Game Program contributes nearly $550K to support nine games

The Nordic Game Program split a total of 3 million Danish kroner (about $548,500) across nine games in this year's edition of its annual game development support initiative, the program announced today.

Here are the nine recipients of the grants for 2014:

  • Hunger (image above), Tarsier Studios, Sweden: 500,000 kroner
  • Havfruen, Folkenberg, Denmark: 450,000 kroner
  • ICE, Copenhagen Creators Associated, Denmark: 400,000 kroner
  • Dream Factory, Bedtime Gaming, Denmark: 300,000 kroner
  • Suprematism, Glitchnap, Denmark: 300,000 kroner
  • Solus, Teotl Studios, Sweden: 300,000 kroner
  • Calantina, Visiontrick Media, Sweden: 300,000 kroner
  • Machineers, Lohika, Denmark: 250,000 kroner
  • Kingdom, Licorice, Iceland: 200,000 kroner

The Nordic Game Program has been providing funds to game developers in this manner since 2006, with an acceptance rate of 8 percent from more than 1,200 total applicants. 2014 is currently slated to stand as the final year of the development support initiative.

“There is an enormous need for this type of seed investment, and it also seems to pay off well, so it just must continue in one form or another," said Erik Robertson, the administrator of the funding program, in a press release today.

In order to be eligible for a grant, a developer must be an indie studio located in a Nordic country — Åland Islands, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden — and must own the intellectual property of the game in question. Grants cannot exceed 75 percent of the cost of development.

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