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Transformers Universe is hard to categorize, dev says

Jagex Games Studio's Transformers Universe doesn't quite fit into existing genres, according to VP David Nicholson. 

The game, which began its life as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, blends aspects from several genres, Nicholson said. 

"MMOs have been a growing genre for many years now and it’s been interesting to watch the transition from traditional MMORPGs through to MOBAs and on to war games like World of Tanks," he said. "We don’t like being pigeon-holed and feel that Transformers Universe, as a blend of strategic, tactical and collaborative game play is best described as a multiplayer online tactical action (MOTA) game."

According to Nicholson, Transformers Universe and its mechanized warrior robots are multifaceted, which he hopes will appeal to many potential players. 

"The game plays to many strengths," he said. "It offers players the chance to collect these great Transformers warriors and lead them into battle; it lets you go head-to-head against players from around the world; and it features game modes that suit your style of play. Ultimately, who doesn’t like huge robot warriors that can kick ass and who also have fantastic and growing back stories? It’s the perfect mechanical storm!"

Press play above for the first video in a series that will explore the web game's development. You'll learn where Transformers Universe fits into Transformers' canon, what vehicles will be available and what game modes will be playable. Stick around until the end for a teaser about the voices coming to Transformers Universe, which includes a brief voiceover that should be familiar to fans of the franchise.

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