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Planetary Annihilation gets single-player Galactic War content today

Planetary Annihilation, Uber Entertainment's real-time strategy game, now has a single-player component called Galactic War, the developer announced today. 

Galactic War lets players battle through a galaxy filled with procedurally generated content, offering random drops, maps and abilities that the developer says will make each playthrough unique. Players can also "define the scale and intensity" of their single-player experience, which includes multiple challenges and tech trees. 

The spiritual successor to Total Annihilation was funded through Kickstarter in September 2012 and, in lieu of having a firm release date, will be released "when it's done," the developer said last year. Planetary Annihilation is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC through Steam Early Access for $29.99 until May 25, when it will return to its regular $49.99 price. Press play below to watch a trailer that showcases the game's planetary warfare.

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