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Extraction renamed Dirty Bomb, beta registrations open

Registrations for the closed beta of Dirty Bomb, the free-to-play shooter formerly known as Extraction from Splash Damage, are now open, publisher Nexon America announced.

Those interested are invited to register for the beta, which is is scheduled to roll out later this year, on the official Dirty Bomb website. Registrations are open to players in more than 40 countries and invites will be sent out in waves via email.

Dirty Bomb was the shooter's original name and was changed September last year to Extraction, as the developer wasn't confident that it could secure the worldwide trademark for Dirty Bomb. The publisher and developer changed the game's name back to Dirty Bomb this week to "better fit the game's unique personality" and promises it will "almost definitely" be the last title change before launch.

Players can choose from serveral mercs with distinct personalities, weapons and abilities: including Rhino, Bush Whacker, Arty, Proxy, Thunder, Sawbonez and Sparks.

Splash Damage launched the team-based game's closed alpha last January and is currently in a limited closed beta that went live in October. Dirty Bomb is slated for release on PC this year. For more on Splash Damage and Dirty Bomb, be sure to read our interview with CEO Paul Wedgwood.