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Adventure Time creator conducts crowd-driven adventure game on Twitter

Pendleton Ward, creator of animated series Adventure Time, is conducting a hand-drawn, crowd-driven adventure game titled Quest Attack on his Twitter account.

Beginning with players waking up in a dungeon cell, Ward chooses commands from fans submitted via Twitter for what to draw on the next panel. Accepted and illustrated actions include ""place rodent in tank," "take snake out of toilet" and "throw dagger at guard," for example. Quest Attack was still underway at the time of writing, which you can view in full on Storify, and there have been several "Quest Over" fail states since its inception.

Ward pauses the game when he becomes unavailable, such as when he starts falling asleep or needs to do laundry, but he can't unpause it. You can learn more about Ward and his love for video games and drawing, and how they are both intertwined, in Polygon's interview.

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