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Dungeon Defenders developer lays off 20 percent of workforce

Dungeon Defenders franchise developer Trendy Entertainment has laid off approximately 20 percent of its workforce across its development and marketing departments, the company told GamesIndustry International today.

Trendy did not confirm the total number of staff affected by its decision to make "changes to better position its business going forward." The reduction follows last month's appointment of former president of LucasArts Darrell Rodriguez as its new CEO.

"We are doing this very unpleasant action with respect, empathy and compassion in consideration of the great work that these people have contributed to Trendy," he told Games Industry, adding that Trendy is providing financial assistance and extended benefits to staff affected.

Rodriguez told Game Industry that Trendy is currently not profitable, but has "products in the pipeline to get us there." He explained that as the studio is in between launches cash flow is a concern and it is "taking the necessary steps to fix this" to ensure a quality release of upcoming Dungeon Defenders 2.

Rodriguez reiterated his stance on cultivating a more welcoming work environment as CEO, following last year's allegations of bullying, sexism and mismanagement at Trendy Entertainment.

"I'm working closely with devs and leads to create more openness and better communication at all levels of the company," Rodriguez said. "Cultural change does not happen overnight, but we have ongoing efforts to work on better cross-departmental communication, getting the leads directly involved in product planning and holding consistent company wide meetings to ensure we are all on the same page. There's a long way to go, but we're on our way."

Polygon reached out to Trendy Entertainment for comment.

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